Need Eye Rest?

It’s been a week. Now, in the office and haven’t finished my shift but my eyes are soring dry and though I got to close my lids for some time I felt it doesn’t help. I guess I have to take a short break from staring infront of the computer in my unit and stop all the readings that I am making.

I must have probably overused my eyes from reading, staring and looking at everything or maybe from reading one or two books at home and then staring infront of this computer trying to finish the mundane task just to meet the nearing deadline.

My eyes didn’t look different today as I look at the mirror. Just before, I thought my eyes must be getting red from soring but then when I look closer it looks normal as it is. Could it be eye fatigue or sore eyes? When all I feel is just what I mentioned here but no tickling sensation. Not once have I experience getting reddish eyes even when most of the people around me miss coming to the office because of it.  I don’t feel needing rest now but my eyes shuts down every so often wanting me to stop and probably tells me to pause for a moment, not for awhile. Just a moment.

Should I take it? I should. It helps feel better than just a blink. I hope it is and if it still feels the same then I believe rest is what I need. And must, not should, I will do it after this.